Choir Leader

Emma Pooley BMus MMus

Emma enjoys working with other musicians, professionals and amateurs. Making music in a group can be an excellent way of sharing your love of music with others and enjoying being part of a bigger musical experience.

Emma has worked with choirs, including children’s choirs, youth choirs, and community singing groups. Emma also teaches many students one-to-one, both adults and young people, beginners and accomplished singers.

As a choir leader and teacher, Emma is aware of the value of thinking medium to long term for developing vocal ability, whether working with groups or individuals.

Good singing takes
thought, emotion,
energy and enthusiasm 

Learning music is an excellent way of engaging your creativity, intellect, body and emotions.  It’s great fun too! During rehearsals, as we learn new songs, we may work on:

  • vocal technique
  • song interpretation
  • general musicianship
  • performance preparation and psychology

Emma’s choir leading is complemented and enhanced by her work as a professional performer and all-round musician. Having worked as a soloist, choir member, choir director, and pianist, Emma has extensive experience of the different processes involved in rehearsals and performances.  Emma knows the environments in which singers thrive and those in which they merely survive; and is able to work with singers to help maximise their potential.